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Cherry Goddess – Fruity

by Christopher Romance

October 2022

Probably the best tea i have ever tried in my life, rich, sweet, a bit sour and purely delicious!

by Milo Bastek

March 2022

Delightful iced! I love cherries and it’s difficult to find a good cherry tisane in Australia so I was excited when I discovered this. I can easily see this becoming my go-to iced tea, it’s not too overpowering and extremely refreshing.

Wow. This tea is SO very….CHERRY! Makes for an amazing iced tea when you crave something fruity in the summer. And the cost with shipping is cheaper than shopping at my local tea shop.

Very solid tea! Love how strong the cherry comes through with just a bit of sugar, not overpowering but it is the dominant flavor. Without sugar you mainly get the bitterness of the hibiscus which isn’t horrible either. Made this into a tea latte with some frothed milk, but I liked it plain a little better. Excited to taste this one iced!

by Jennifer Ragan

April 2021

My current favorite! This tea is the perfect mix of sweet and tart, I drink a pot of this almost every night.

This iced tastes like coolaide. It is AMAZING!

by Tonia Richard

May 2020

Absolutely love this tea. The flavor and scent are both equally stimulating. Best tea so far.

by Tonia Richard

April 2020

Absolutely loved this tea. The flavor and smell are both exhilarating. I am a strong cherry lover so having this tea each morning makes my day. I have only tried it hot but its absolutely worth it.

My dad has this tea I don’t even know how long he had it for. He decided to make some. It is the best tea I’ve ever had. It is sweet and has a bite to it. Don’t even need to add sugar. It’s amazing.
Feels great.

Great Hot or Cold would highly recommend

by Wv Aussie Mom

February 2019

This is THE BEST cherry tea on the planet!! I’m drinking it instead of diet sodas. A very wise choice, I’d say. The fact it is caffeine free only makes it better. What a wonderful find!

by Barbara Dipert

February 2019

Without a doubt, this is the best tea a cherry lover could find! Highly receommend it to everyone!

by Rachel Anne Buck

January 2019

by Christina Kwasniewski

August 2018

I’m absolutely obsessed with this tea. The dried fruit pieces become nice and plump when brewed, lending delicious, full bodied flavors to this cuppa. The hibiscus is a great balance for the palette & adds that extra bit of brightness. I keep a pitcher of this in the fridge at all times. Tealyra, I would absolutely love if you would consider adding an organic version of this tea to your offerings… that really is the only way to improve this blend.

by Sharon Pharr

April 2018

So good, I keep a pitcher in the fridge. Just a lovely tea for taking care of thirst and so fragrant!

Very good, fruity and refreshing with just the right amount of sour

This has to be one of my favorite teas!! It makes a sweet and yummy iced tea and tastes like a juicy sweet cherry. My kids absolutely love this flavor and ask me to brew them some daily, and we never cared for teas before now! I want to place an order for a big bag because knowing my family, it won’t last long in this house.

by Tenley Hoffman

March 2018

Favourite tea ever! Delicious hot, iced, straight or in blends. A lovely fresh fruit flavour. A must try for any cherry lover!

by Tenley Hoffman

February 2018

Magnificent tea! Beautiful hot, iced, straight and blended.
Lovely blended with a bit of pu’erh and spearmint. It would be especially nice if it was in stock more often!

by Toni Hunt

January 2018

This is fantastic! I drink this all the time and is not my #1 tea.

Divine brew from Lyra the goodness goddess!

Wow, talk about a strong cherry taste! For iced tea, this one is my favorite. It’s very intense and holds up well when iced. No subtlety on this tea!

LOVE this tea – hot or cold it will not disappoint!

by Herlastod

November 2014

I like this one. It got some superb taste of cherry.

Just a gorgeous cup of tea, it tastes and smells amazing. I will definitely be ordering again.

by Penelope Koosmann

July 2020

This is an update on my earlier review. I previously drank Cherry Goddess Hot during the winter months and gave it a 3* rating. We are now drinking it over ice and I am enjoying it quite a bit more. It is quite refreshing and a wonderful summertime break away from sugared sodas. I would recommend trying this one over ice.

I was so happy when I found lovely cherry tea. It’s hard to find.
I read reviews saying it tastes sweet, and I thought this would be the best tea in my life.
I was soo disappointed…
Because it’s not sweet at all, it’s very very sour. I need tons of honey to drink this. And then it’s like drinking hot syrup with taste of fruit.
And it’s still a bit sour…
Too much hibiscus I guess.
I think this tea without hibiscus would be really nice.
So sad ????

by Penelope Koosmann

March 2020

I ordered Cherry Goddess because I love fresh cherries & all other berries, and the reviews on this blend are great. I don’t like cherry flavored drinks, gum, candy, pie, etc. Just fresh, real cherries – so yes, I guess I’m picky about my cherries. Unfortunately then, Cherry Goddess was a miss for me. I will certainly drink my large – oops – bag. It just isn’t among my favorite blends (Grandma’s Garden & Berry Picking Delight, so far. Yummm!) & I won’t be reordering it. Cherry Goddess does definitely have a cherry aroma & flavor, and the almond flavoring comes across, subtly as well. Other customers appear to love this blend. So if you’re like me (picky!), buy/try the small bag. ;D

by Michelle Ivey

February 2022

My least favorite herb tea so far. It has a medicinal taste. And I willl move on. Most of our experiences have been wonderful. But not cherry.

Cherry Goddess – Fruity

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