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Opened April 2, 2019, Tea Bear Teahouse is a family-owned establishment. We are not a franchise though we look forward to it perhaps in the future. For now, we are dedicated to delivering quality products closer to home. We have 12 Signature Drinks and over 50 tea menu items.

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What our clients say

AMAZING! The staff is great and the tea's are to die for! This is by far my favorite tea house! There are so many great tea combinations to try from and the staff are superb at recommending drinks you will enjoy! EVERYTHING IS GREAT! The staff, the menu, and even the price!

Stephanie Alvarez

Delicious! Brand new Tea Bear Teahouse right here in Cypress, just outside of Fairfield. Owner is super nice and our teas have been great! So far we've had the Strawberry Yogurt, Jasmine Green Tea, and the House Special during their soft opening. All have been great!

Kel Huck

Just went here, and got the house special milk tea. Its pretty good the staff is friendly and they are sampling their menu until Tuesday. Has neat decor and seems like a good place to study when they finish up.

Sean Bui

Great authentic tea, with great customization options. I like how they don’t over sweeten it like other places do. The owner is super friendly and willing to give you samples and really understands how good business is done.


Great new shop that just opened up in the neighborhood! I had their house tea with Tea Bear and it was great!

Wade Pinder